MASS Roadmap

drays 3 years ago • updated by mgf007 2 years ago 8

I know there are a lot of changes in the MASS team, and we are not even sure the project continues. Could the development team provide an updated roadmap with preliminary dates, and also the list of the current members working on this project?

Also, please tell what is the best way to contact the team, or the management, as there is tremendous lack of information provided on the project.

Is there any official feedback on any of the threads the last few weeks? @dnu?


Unfortunately, no.

That sucks.. what happened to him / her ? Heart attack?

Very simple. Apparently he was fired. Not because he didn't make his job, but because Kuzmin the Scammer doesn't want to pay him money.


So is mass.network a scam or what is going on?  I have invested in ICO.  Thank you!