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Hello everyone,
Sorry again it took us time to count the awards for the signature and avatar campaign. So far we sorted out the second signature and avatar campaign that was announced here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1667703.msg16743381#msg16743381

Those who took part in the first campaign will have to wait some more time, till we get the answer from responsible organizers.

So here you can see the results of the campaign https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hbE_W-O6DxiKzN2JMkuTwd6sB60POYBf6RjUxapnIpU/edit#gid=904483014

This table is made on the basis of the initial table of participants https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UzUHadzwNGxfd0ZusLuD486Bairq3Y6ntY9rmebgVfg/edit?usp=sharing

I added to the initial table the following columns:

Number of posts made by 1st December
To count the number of posts published by 1st December I counted all the posts a user published within dates of his/her request to take part in the campaign and last day before the ICO ended (30th November).

Eligible for award (not less than 25 posts during the campaign)
If the number of posts is less than 25, the user can’t get any award within our campaign as it was stated by the terms (See the Terms sheet in the spreadsheet)

All participant’s posts
To verify the number of posts published within the period of participation you can check the link to all of his/her posts

Signature stakes per week
According to bitcointalk statuses users get certain number of stakes per week. Table with stakes and statuses can be found in the Terms sheet.

Avatar Stakes per week
According to bitcointalk statuses users get certain number of stakes per week. Table with stakes and statuses can be found on the Terms sheet.

Number of weeks
Number of weeks a participant took part in the campaign (beginning with the date of the request to take part)

Total stakes earned
Total amount of stakes received was counted the following way: (Signatures stakes + Avatar stakes) * Number of weeks

Amount of masscoins earned
The number of masscoins earned is counted the following way:
1. Value of one stake = Award pool (4 000 000 000) / total number of stakes earned by all eligible users.
2. Amount of masscoins earned = Value of one stakes * Total stakes received

This is all about second campaign results. Please take your time to find yourself in the table and give me a sign that you agree with numbers.

I think that three days will be enough to verify and discuss results of the campaign. So in three days we adjust the results if necessary and pay out all the signature and avatar awards.

We know we are late with dates but we want to fulfill all the given promises and commitments.

From Mass Network team


how about the referral? please check my post!

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I did. Refferals Will be pad soon

For clarification sir,Refferal bunos paid by bitcoin or Mass Coin?


Refferals are paid in BTC

Thank.You sir...Got mine..

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