Is ticketing system working on this site?

drays 1 year ago • updated by GeneChe 1 year ago 11

I opened a ticket on this site 4 days ago, but no response yet... I wonder if the private ticketing system works here, or I need to post all queries publicly?

Thank you. We ll make an update as soon as we get update from exchanges

Under review

Sure it works. Not so fast though. Don't worry, winter holidays are over, now we work 24/7


Are winter holidays actually over yet? Still no reply to my ticket. Its almost 2 weeks it is hanging there, anf nobody seems to care :( This reminds me of Yobit support :(

Whats up..?


Sorry, sorry, sorry. Here we are. No more waiting!

i am also frustrated. mass seems will let many ppl down.!


No, we are not. We are back to work.


great team. promising future!