ICO price of the MassCoin

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Hi there guys

Great to see a new forum for MASS! :)

I wonder what is the final actual price of the MassCoin based on ICO? I mean the one with zero bonus. I suppose this should be published somewhere, but I cannot find the right place yet...


Hello sir Dnu,

Any update about android wallet app?And any clue about how advertising run in social media..As far as i.know we have two Platform the Trading Platform and Advertising Platform...



Hello GeneChe,

We are testing Mycelium Wallet to send and receive masscoins. Hope to have it ready to use one of these days.

Can you, please, elaborate this "And any clue about how advertising run in social media...As far as i.know we have two Platform the Trading Platform and Advertising Platform".

Здрасте всем ! я gold969 в талке . мне тоже интересен вопрос гайнах .

Under review

День добрый, уточните, пожалуйста, свой вопрос.


Today we are finishing distributing Mass coins. Almost all from those who have given us their Colu addresses received their Mass coins. Those who haven't done it can make it at any moment. Becides that we are testing a new Mycelium wallet build to work with Mass coins. Hope to have it very soon. Chrome Mass network plugin is ready and can be found on Chrome Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mass-fair-ads/bddciihmfgjplmgdjnnekkfiefbleipp). Of course this is an early version, that can't yet earn money for the user watching ads, but you can see some future whistles there. We are also testing Android Mass browser with the same functionality and soon it will be available for public testing. So, the dev team is working hard. As for Mass coins exchange, we are in the process of preparing necessary doc to go to major exchanges. Everything is Ok, sorry for being not so responsive these days. Thanx to your help we have resources to continue our work. But we also go on looking for more investors (yes, we were excpecting better results from ICO) to be sure that we have enough money at least for a year. It is not only about developping browser and plugin but also a lot of work with partners, advertizers, ad networks. We are building a new way of consuming ads. We are here, we are working, we are not going to "just walk away with the Bitcoin". So, thank you again for your patience and support. We won't let you down.

About than information update Mass Network also have advertising and also trading with use our coin.....If im not mistaken...


Lord developers of coin, to the end of holidays it is not necessary to trade on exchanges, there will be weathering and dump of coin !


Thank you Bill, we submitted requests to exchanges but it usually takes time to get the answer. So I think hey won't answer earlier than the next year.

Wow...Excited in the year...2days to go next year will be the best year ever!


As for the rate of mass coins upon results of ICO, it is 1BTC = 1 473 914 228 mass coins.


Good to know. Thanks a lot, Daniel!

But I have another question related to this. Based on the number you provided, I got exactly 50% bonus. However according to bonus scheme, I should've got 60%. Should I contact somebody to get this reviewed and possibly fixed?


Wow...Love It...

#Love #Mass_Coin


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