Mass coins distribution

Receiving your Mass Coins

We’re testing adding Mass Coins support to Mycelium Wallet.

Untill we feel it's ready for release, we asked Colu to grant you access to their developer platform, "Colu Dashboard", so that you can receive and store your Mass tokens there temporarily.

Once the Mycelium support is ready, we'll ask you to move your tokens there.

In order to receive Mass Coins, you have to make sure that:

  1. Go to and create an account (thanks to our partner -!). Write down the password and keep it in a safe place - it is not possible to restore your password if you lose it! In fact you’ll have to use two passwords when signing up. The first one is the Colu account password, and the second one is the wallet password, used to encrypt the private seed. It's important that you choose different passwords, and protect them both.
  2. Go to Manage Assets, then select Receive Assets
  3. Copy the receiving address
  4. Paste this address in the special field in your account at - this is where your Mass Coins are stored.

Very important!

You also need to backup the private seed from the Colu Dashboard, to make sure you don't depend on Colu for access to your funds.

You need to go to Settings > Private Key > Show Private Key, and then copy either "Private Seed WIF" (unencrypted) or "Encrypted Private Seed" (encrypted with your wallet password).

Use this Colu Address to receive Mass Coins.

If you need to send your Mass Coins to another address, make sure that the receiving address is generated in here

If you have any questions or if something goes wrong, feel free to ask us.

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