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added twitter ... this logo?

with reference to the wallets and a link to the original wallet code (preferably on github). Please - make sure that the coin is compatible with our existing interfaces. This is a very important point! approximately UNP won the vote traydsatoshi Exchange purse could not .... Admin: unpay not compiling

Gentlemen, the developers would like nazyvatsya coin on the stock exchange? Coin acronym (up to 5 symbols):

??? BTW considering the speed of BTC rates they are to work 24\24. I'll contact them again immidately. Thanks again. ???

bad translator :) I need information to fill in the form above to place a coin in the other markets, a lot of bad does not happen :)

Gentlemen, the developers give the correct information to fill in a form, and links github

Bittrex quickly add 2 btc, Poloniex all investors who are not too lazy to fill out an application to add a coin, you might want to add to the C-Cex, there Pay vote next 1 btc + free vote. Such exchanges like Tradesatoshi is 0.07 btc (I paid unp), but a small price small exchange coins :). "Do you have any suggestion on how to make them answer?" Write to the support they respond very quickly. Sorry for the spelling of native lang

Lord developers of coin, to the end of holidays it is not necessary to trade on exchanges, there will be weathering and dump of coin !